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Introduction to the JBS3 Risk Calculator

The JBS3 Risk Calculator with its new measures and communication tools aims to empower patients to make appropriate decisions about their lifestyle and drug treatments based on a better understanding of their personal cardiovascular disease (CVD) risks. It helps GPs and Clinicians to address three key questions for their patients:

  • Why should I start CVD risk reduction?
  • When should I start?
  • What should I do?

The JBS3 Risk Calculator demonstrates how delay in beginning risk factor reduction (for example stopping smoking) greatly reduces the lifetime benefits that can be gained. It also shows that, for most changes or interventions, it is never too late to obtain some benefit. For the individual, it is possible to calculate the age at which beginning risk factor intervention gives the greatest lifetime benefit and, for the healthcare provider, the balance of clinical versus cost effectiveness of treatments at different ages can also be estimated. This type of mathematical modelling addresses the important issue of when best to start drug treatment from both a clinical and economic perspective.

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The risk calculator requires Adobe Flash. Please download from here.

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